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Noventra Innovations helps customers create a pipeline of new products with less risk and faster time to market

Too many companies have lost the ability to innovate because they have become 'business traders' rather than 'business creators.'
Jeff Immelt, CEO, General Electric

Noventra Innovations helps our corporate partners anticipate disruption by going outside for rapid innovation.

Creating a pipeline of innovative products that provide significant opportunities for incremental revenue is the key focus for companies. Companies such as P&G have decided to bring fifty percent of product ideas from outside of its walls. Noventra provides a mechanism to accomplish such strategy.

We provide the following benefits to our corporate partners:

  • Effective Innovation Scouting. We continuously identify technologies, product ideas and start-ups that can have a significant impact on the company's future. We call this network of ideas - a 'feeder network.'
  • Anticipation of Disruption. We work with the partners to select the critical-to-monitor developments in the feeder network and put effective processes in place to monitor them either with our help or internally.
  • Risk Reduction. Many ideas, however viable, might not work when introduced into the marketplace. We prototype and test these ideas as products until we fully transform the idea into a commercially viable product.
  • Faster Time to Market. We provide an opportunity to license or acquire the product after the technical and market risk has been taken out thus accelerating time to incremental revenue.
  • Smart Investment. We provide an opportunity to establish collaborative or strategic alliance to accelerate and enhance certain aspects of a specific product development and commercialization.

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