Breakthrough Methodology

A revolutionary methodology increases focus and performance by leveraging mind focusing techniques for reaching clarity on any issue

The Power of Insight methodology integrates many difficult techniques in a very practical, proven process. Everyone who aspires to successfully lead their organizations, large or small, private or public, should learn this process and leverage it in their organizations for lasting impact.
James L. Ritchie-Dunham, PhD
President, Institute for Strategic Clarity

Our revolutionary methodology was pioneered by Luda Kopeikina in her book “The Right Decision Every Time: How to Achieve Perfect Clarity on Tough Decisions”, Prentice Hall. The book is based on her work with over one hundred CEOs as a Visiting Scholar at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

The foundation of our methodology is the utilization of the Clarity State™ in business settings. Clarity State™ is a measurable, balanced state of physical, emotional and mental systems, which is known to increase our effectiveness. For example, by using the Clarity State™

  • High school students improved their test performance by 75%
  • 93% of CEOs in a test group made clear strategic choices in 90 minutes or less – even when these decisions had been unresolved for weeks or months.

The Power of Insight™ methodology combines the Clarity State™ with powerful and proven techniques to overcome difficulties of reaching clarity on any issue. These techniques are arranged into a simple, yet powerful process consisting of four steps: Definition Clarity, Emotional Clarity, Perspective Clarity and Strategic Clarity.

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The Power of Insight™ Process

By leveraging The Power of Insight™ methods in consulting, training and coaching, we help customers make decisive improvements in their direction and performance for creating competitive edge and higher valuation.

How does this work? Leaders and teams report that the application of the Power of Insight™ methods helps the team achieve clarity, gain agreement on a course of action, and achieve strong alignment and cohesive execution for a sustainable positive impact.


Better Focus… Better Decisions… Better Results