Noventra Innovations helps bring creative ideas to market

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Why Noventra Innovations?
From a market need
To a commercially viable solution
To incremental revenue
Faster and with minimum risk

The global market for technology licensing is estimated at $150 billion annually. Noventra Innovations focuses on innovation commercialization and intellectual property licensing. Noventra Innovations identifies, acquires, develops and brings to market innovative solutions for commercial and industrial applications. We identify unfilled market needs working with our partners, solicit ideas, technologies and solutions, build prototypes, file and own intellectual property, take out most of the technical and market risk and then find an ideal partner to scale the innovation.

Innovation often happens on an interface between several technologies in response to an unmet market need. When a market need is identified, an existing technology or technologies can often address the need if combined in an innovative ways. However, in most cases the technology requires various adjustments and product prototyping to match the specific market requirements. Noventra Innovations focuses on such opportunities, especially the ones that can be commercialized within twelve to twenty four months.