Focus on ROI

Case-based approach focused on measurable rapid results

Each project is designed to deliver short term, measurable results. Each engagement is a circle consisting of 4Ds – Detect, Define, Deliver and Document. At the start of each project we help our customers clearly define business objectives and quantifiable success metrics. We then work with the team to measure and document the short-term gains against these metrics.

Focus on results - 4D approach


is the stage of scoping the project: compiling data related to the project, observing people in meetings, identifying metrics to measure success of the project.


is the project definition stage. Armed with data and ideas from the prior stage we do a number of individual and team discussions. We start by training people in the Clarity State attainment and then utilize the Power of Insight process to find root-causes for the current issues and identify new behaviors.


is the stage when the team is working on the implementation. Our role is to help with identifying and eliminating barriers and instilling the desired behavior when necessary.


is the stage of documenting short-term results.