Noventra is proud of its high caliber of people with experience in working for companies including GE, Motorola, Sun Microsystems, IBM, to name a few, and the broad range of skills that we assembled. Our advisors include prominent academics, market experts, successful entrepreneurs and business leaders who were formerly responsible for vertical functions and business units within Fortune 100 organizations and ran public companies.

Our culture is based on constant innovation, learning, and knowledge sharing.

Luda Kopeikina, Founder and Advisor to CEOs and Boards

Luda Kopeikina founded Noventra Corporation, previously Equanex Corporation, in 1999.

In 2010 Luda served a prestigious Visiting Scholar appointment at MIT Sloan School of Management to bring neuroscience knowledge into senior leadership practice. She uses the insights from this research and the methodology from her book in her work with senior business leaders, their teams and corporate boards.

Ms. Kopeikina spent six years at General Electric in various vice presidential positions where she had an opportunity to work with Jack Welch and observe his methods in action. Later she was President and CEO of Celerity Solutions, Inc., a publicly traded company. Under her leadership, the company executed a complete turnaround in two years and grew six-fold. Interactive Week's Executive Worth Survey ranked Ms. Kopeikina within the top twenty CEOs of US high-tech public companies for her performance and total return to shareholders.

Ms. Kopeikina is an entrepreneur who started two successful companies. In 2008 she co-founded BioEnergy Planet Inc., a startup to convert agricultural waste into bio-oil and green products. She enjoys working with entrepreneurs and helping businesses prosper. Luda is an active angel investor, as a member of Common Angels – a group of 75 leading private investors in New England, and Golden Seeds - a group investing in women. She is an investor in seven high tech start-ups. She serves on the Board of Directors of MIT Enterprise Forum, a non-profit organization that promotes entrepreneurship, as well as several companies. She is also a Lead Catalyst at the MIT Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation

Luda is a prominent business speaker and a published writer. She speaks on topics of innovation, entrepreneurship, executive business decision-making and leadership. Her book The Right Decision Every Time: How to Reach Clarity on Tough Decisions was published by Prentice all. American Management Association created a popular management course based on its content.

Ms. Kopeikina holds a Master's Degree from MIT's Sloan School of Management as a Sloan Fellow. She also holds a Master's Degree in Computer Science from St. Petersburg University, Russia, and completed a Ph.D. thesis in Computer Science there. She served three Visiting Scholar appointments at the MIT Sloan School of Management in 2003, 2004 and 2010.

* * *

Mike Docherty, Principal - Consumer Markets

Mike brings to Noventra over 24 years of broad-based leadership experience in general management, marketing and new product development. He has a proven track record in helping companies achieve profit growth through innovation. Mike leads an effort to identify and launch innovation-driven new ventures in partnership with leading consumer product companies.

In his most recent corporate role, Mike was a Vice President and General Manager for Sunbeam Products, Inc. His previous career includes consulting as well as corporate leadership positions in marketing and planning at Ford, General Electric and Rohm & Haas. In addition to his role with Noventra, Mike is also CEO of Venture2 Inc., an innovation consulting and new business development firm. Mike holds an MBA degree from Northwestern University's Kellogg Graduate School and BSME degree from Drexel University.

* * *

Tim Brown, Principal - Materials and Components, Manufacturing Applications

Tim Brown brings deep experience to Noventra in the worldwide components and materials markets that spans his 28 year career in industry. He worked in Engineering, Marketing, Sales, Operations and General Management roles in various size companies.

Tim began his career in Engineering at Corning Glass Works and later managed Sales and Marketing at the Murata, Sprague Electric, Morgan Crucible corporations. Most recently Tim was Vice President of Marketing at Ark-les Corporation and now is the CEO of Brevis Consulting. Additionally, he ran two successful businesses, one at Morgan and the other at Ark-les. Mr. Brown also successfully repositioned several mature companies helping them return to growth and profitability. In addition to his knowledge of North American markets, Tim successfully established and managed organizations in Asia and Europe.

Tim has a BA in Physics from Hamilton College and a Masters Degree from the University of Massachusetts. He is a Thomas Watson and NDEA Fellow.

* * *

Igor Razboff, Principal - Software, Product Development

Igor Razboff is a senior management executive and successful entrepreneur who founded three successful start-ups. He is an expert in distributed global product development. He managed organizations that executed over 100 research and development projects, each involving anywhere from a dozen to several hundred employees distributed internationally.

Igor started his career at AT&T Bell Labs in telecommunications, and then was a Director of Computer Aided Manufacturing for Computervision and Prime Computer. He founded Animation Magic that was sold to Capitol Multimedia, a public U.S. multi-media company. Subsequently, Mr. Razboff became CEO of Capitol Multimedia. Later, he served as Vice President of Cendant Software, a $900 million division of Cendant Corporation and Chairman of Celerity Solutions, a public US company in the Supply Chain Management industry. Most recently Razboff was a Senior Vice President and CTO of Northern Light Group and is now CEO of Scoros International.

Mr. Razboff has a Master's Degree in Computer Science and PhD in Mathematics from the University of St. Petersburg.