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We used the Power of Insight™ methodology on a strategic issue that had polarized my management team. The process took the emotion out of our discussion and we were finally able to evaluate alternative solutions as a unified group. The use of this methodology generated genuine excitement about the implementation. I would heartily recommend this process.
Jeff Ikler, Executive Vice President and General Manager
Pearson Prentice Hall Publishing

Customer Success Story:

Converting conflicting cross-functional perspectives into collaboration helped introduce a new product 3 months ahead of schedule


Serious disagreement in the team working on a strategic technology platform change effort


Conduct training in the Power of Insight Methodology using the conflicted strategic effort as a case study


Incremental $15M product revenue from early product introduction


Aerovox Inc. now PPC

Applied Biosystems

Ark-Les Corporation

Centennial Technologies Inc.

Cognex Corporation

Judd Wire Inc.

Manufacturers' Services LTD,
now Celestica Inc.

Prophesy Transportation Inc.

SkinHealth Inc.

The L.S. Starrett Company

UFP Technologies Inc.

Waters Technologies Corporation

Whistler Group