Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting designed to create a competitive edge

We will only take a consulting project when we determine that the project has a potential to create a competitive edge for the company and the leader intensely desires the effort to be successful. The consulting component is integrated with executive coaching and training to ensure that whatever strategy is developed, there is a proper visibility, focus and energy around the effort to make it a success.

Intense Focus, Breakthrough Strategy and Tight Alignment Create Results

The following is the list of representative engagements.

Clarity of Focus
Many companies have a list of “this year’s initiatives”. In most cases these initiatives produce mediocre results. In contrast, winning companies create a compelling focus for each year that fits with the overall company’s vision. They make sure that the annual focus is well-understood throughout the company. For example, when Jack Welch focused GE on vendor management and then on quality, every employee in the huge GE knew about these efforts. We help you sharpen your strategic and tactical battle plans and equip you and your team to take advantage of the opportunities and the challenges that the next twelve months will present. Using The Power of Insight™ methodology we will then help you align the organization and create real commitment to execution.

Creativity in Developing Strategies for Double–Digit Growth
The focus is on addressing a growth challenge by identifying barriers and ways of overcoming them in five areas of growth discipline: Creating Best Value for Customer Base Retention; Taking Market Share from Competitors; Exploiting Market Shifts; Penetrating Adjacent Markets and Investing in New Lines of Business. The Power of Insight™ methodology is used to unleash creativity, explore new ways to growth and select growth strategies that are right for your company.

Clarity for Operational Excellence
Even the most creative strategies fail as a result of poor processes and poor implementation. Only 15% of cross-functional efforts truly succeed in delivering the intended business results. The root cause is usually in the difference of perspectives that are never discussed and addressed by functional leaders and their teams. On the other hand the horizontal process improvement efforts can be most critical for a company’s success. In order to be successful these efforts require collaboration across functional, geographic, cultural and variety of other views. We help customers identify processes that inhibit their companies from growth, motivate collaboration across cross-functional and other perspectives and put together a plan of attack engaging teams in the implementation.

Anticipating Disruption in your Market
Innovation often happens on an interface between several technologies in response to an unmet market need. Over the last decade only 5% of large companies have been documented to lead disruptive innovation in their markets. Disruption often takes companies by surprise creating unnecessary emergencies and profit losses. We help customers anticipate disruption by providing them with visibility into ideas and technologies that can affect their markets in two to three years. In this work we leverage our deep expertise in the innovation commercialization processes of the Noventra Innovations division.

Innovation to Market 

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Cutting through Complexity in Product Innovation
Every company these days talks about innovation but a rare company has conquered the process. Companies that win at the innovation game can see cost reductions of as much as 35% along with a 40% increase in sales. We help customers find a balance point between product variety and operating complexity creating bigger results from product research and development while simultaneously lowering the time and risk of innovation. In this work we combine the Power of Insight methods with innovation expertise of the Noventra Innovations division.