Noventra helps companies become winning organizations

Research shows that only 15% of US companies are winning organizations that continuously outperform competition. To create a winner, all rational components of leadership – strategy, processes, organization - although still important, are not enough. The key that differentiates winners from losers is the ability of its leaders to engage the minds of their people, align them behind a compelling vision and create a distributed culture where every worker understands their contribution to the vision and is happy to contribute to the company’s success.

What we do
NOVENTRA is a business consulting, training and executive coaching company that helps leaders create and sustain high-performing, high-valuation companies. In contrast with other consulting firms we help leaders to not only create compelling visions and sound business strategies for growth, innovation and operational performance but engage the imagination and the minds of their people in passionately collaborating - toward a winning goal.

How we do it
We accomplish this result by leveraging our deep experience in driving disciplined strategic decisions in companies across many industries and integrating into our work The Power of Insight™ methodology - the breakthrough methods developed at the MIT Sloan School of Management that are proven to ensure sharp mental focus, multi-fold increase in cohesiveness and performance for individuals and teams in business settings.

Better Focus...Better Decisions...Better Results